Coercion and Capital in Afghanistan: The Rise, Transformation and Fall of the Afghan Commercial Security Sector

Joakim Berndtsson & Christopher Kinsey (éd.), The Routledge Research Companion to Security Outsourcing, july 2016 : 41-51

Private Security Companies have shaped the post-Taliban rentier-state: thriving on the aid- and war economy and the licit and illicit economic rents it provides.

This essay focuses on the Afghan supply of private security forces to international coalitions. Since 2001, actors in the commercial security sector have been intertwined with international strategies and actors. The chapter highlights to the extent in which the Afghan experiment in security outsourcing was not only the result of a new Western way of war. It is also embedded in and shaped by the struggles that pervade the Afghan-war system, therefore granting agency to local actors and yet spurring unprecedented effects, causing the state-building program to be partially subverted.


Dr Christian Olsson

Christian Olsson holds the chair of international relations, specialization: ‘peace, security […]