Security sector reform in Côte d’Ivoire

Les études IFRI, march 2016.

In the debate on a possible “militarization” of the Sahelian region, the U.S. unclear position on the terrorist threat in the Sahel is often criticized.

f Côte d’Ivoire’s security system has improved relatively since 2011, isolated incidents and the risks of destabilisation justify the security sector reform (SSR) implemented by President Ouattara, andinstitutionalised by the creation of the National Security Council. Relations between the various security forces need to be improved and, more importantly, the persisting role of the comzones need to be reduced, though the most influent ones have been somewhat sidelined. The study first presents the progress made by the official SSR and then explains the key problems facing the Ivorian security sector, as well as the reason why the official SSR seems inefficient.


Dr Aline Leboeuf

Aline Leboeuf is a researcher at French Institute of International Relations (IFRI) since […]