The perpetuation of a system of conflicts in Darfur: Caught between local violence and regional disorder

UNISCI Discussion Papers, n°33, October 2013.

The perpetuation of that state of instability was as much due to the implication of the political powers — as illustrated by the relations between Chad, Sudan and Libya — as that of non-state actors.

In many cases in Africa, armed and non-armed local conflicts, taken separately, interact to the point of creating what can be called “complexes” or “systems”. If some of the concepts may help us to define the regional dimension of local conflicts, they do not provide us with a better understanding of the overlapping of several conflicts. Taking the example of Darfur between 2003 and 2011, this paper sheds light on how violence and disorder arose and developed both at local, national and regional levels. It proposes an empirical demonstration of the originality and relevance of the concept of system of conflicts, with the aim of opening a debate on current research on definitions of conflict and war trough the African prism.


Amandine Gnanguênon

Amandine Gnanguênon is a researcher for the Center Michel de l’Hospital (University […]