Project timeline

For the past three years, research within the team has followed three major steps: observing the phenomenon of war at the local level (two fieldwork missions), reflecting upon the common issues shared in each of the case studies via workshops and closed seminars, and disseminating results (participating in events in France and abroad).

2013 - 2014

Case studies

The first step of the research project started in January 2013. Severable deliverables were completed: a launch meeting (January 2013), framing workshops (June and July 2013) and individual fieldwork missions (Unites States, Gabon, Turkey, Mali, Chad, Canada, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq) followed by feedback of the missions as presented to the team.

Fieldwork continued during 2014 (Afghanistan, Côte d’Ivoire, Chad, Mali, Pakistan, Iraq, Canada) and ended in September 2014. Each fieldwork mission resulted in presentations and articles. Some articles are being edited for peer-reviewed journals in France and abroad. Three meetings were held in May, June and December 2014 to determine the research topics and create a first draft of the collective work’s chapters.

2015 - 2016


The second step of the project began in 2015 when a three-day private seminar was held in April between the team members and an external consultant. The objective was to find a common issue specific to the project Guerre&Politique based on feedback of the different missions. Beginning in September, five field missions were launched individually (Haiti, Pakistan, Gabon) and in a pair (Afghanistan, Niger).

While contributing to prior research of the evolution of war and conflicts and knowledge dissemination, the project promotes an innovative approach in research that is scientific, original, and favors networking at the international level.

Fall 2016


The research project Guerre&Po is hosting its Forum this upcoming autumn. For scholars and fieldwork researchers, this is a unique opportunity to be involved in a collective event. Scholars, members of the civil society, military, diplomats, journalists, photographers, etc. – will be present at the Mairie de Paris Auditorium.

A day of seminars of the fieldwork missions carried out in Africa, North America, the Near East and the Middle East, and Haiti will be presented by the researchers. The forum will last until 6 November and will consist of debates and plateaux media, allowing a cross-reference of experiences and discussions between all participants.